Harry Jeffery

Hi, I'm Harry

I'm a software developer based in London. This site is a collection of some of my open source work.

I primarily develop in C and C++, with a scattering of Python and Go. I'm currently in fintech and not looking for new work at this time.


imv is a simple image viewer intended for use with tiling window managers. It's built to be used from the command line, with configurable key bindings and ipc.


freekdl is a kdl parsing library written in ANSI C for portability.


nanolist is a small mailing list server, created to avoid the obscene complexity required to set up other mailing list software.


rosella, a privacy centric irc daemon.


vtf2png, a tool for converting Valve Texture Format files to PNG.


vpkex, a tool for extracting files from Valve archives.


cssradar, a proof of concept radar cheat for counter-strike: source on linux.


piker, a WIP unix-like kernel for ARM hardware that I work on when I feel like reading architecture manuals.