Harry Jeffery

Happy New Year 2022


Happy new year everyone. I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions in the past but I thought I might finally give it a go this year.

So in 2022 I plan to become to learn to touch type “properly”. I currently type using eight out of ten fingers, neglecting my pinkies. I type this way at a decent speed, around 90-110 WPM, but with poor accuracy.

I technically started learning to touch type a few days ago, but new years seems like a convenient way to give myself some accountability for sticking with it and trying to cement the new muscle memory.

So far I’m able to get 60-80 WPM with the proper ten finger touch typing style but only when focusing and mostly typing lower case prose. When programming or typing text with a lot of capital letters or symbols, things get much harder.

I’ve also ordered a new keyboard, the UHK 60 v2. It looks very well made, and I’m hoping that the split layout will aid my posture and ever suffering back. Unfortunately it won’t ship until April, so I have the personal goal of typing at 100+ WPM by then using the proper style.